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Please stop and think

Please do not reply to this blog as I come back from a pleasant week to accusations, people leaving , people upset and I don't want even more discussion so I am hoping this blog will make us all think.

Now how do we think new members feel ?

We are here to help each other.

So please give the moderators a chance to sort this tomorrow for us.

I don't want this site to stop as it literally saved my life .

Please no more leavings until we , I have no doubt, here from the officials tomorrow, and remember there are people who need us TODAY. Allanah

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I have reported things to the NRAS team Allanah and i am awaiting a reply, as eople are telling me they are leaving and i have managed to keep them,but how long for. Well said darling girl.xxxx


Not sure how to pm, but we'll done :)


I'm glad to say I havnt seen anything, I kinda feel like a newbie on this amazing site,a a it does appear everyone knows each other, so although I get replies to my miserable questions lol, I do feel alone? Does that makes sense? I love this site, and I need it, so I'm staying lol....wish I knew you all so much better, however there are soooo many of us, I forget who's who and who's what.....thanks for listening ...Jill. Xx


What I do Jill is click on the persons name in blue and it takes you to the persons page . Cos as you say it's difficult to remember everyone's story as there are a lot of posts and questions each day. But when I see what we have been chatting about then I remember straight away.

And if there's a whole conversation just join in! That way everyone chats together , even if it's a daft conversation be daft! Lol , so don't feel new, I feel like I know u a bit now and hope you keep getting answers and if u want to join something like strictly just join in with a limerick, all were invited and still are.

Some people just prefer to ask questions and get answers. , others want to blog about their experiences but from what u say u could start up a conversation or blog if u want :) but the main thing is enjoy it whatever way you want .

There are also nras support groups out there , if u phone the office they will tell you if there's any in your area , and another way to chat is to ask Nras to join u up with a telephone volunteer. I made a lovely friend through that and luckily she lives near so we meet for lunch! And of course we have a lot in common. Again I got the number got that from the NRAS office. U can actually be a telephone volunteer if you do the nras training , I did it and it was very good. Nras are always looking for all sorts of volunteers and u get to meet loads of lovely people do if u Go on their website , u will see volunteer on the top bar and on the page is ideas and contact numbers, so there's some ideas but do keep chatting , in the words of Frazier "

I m listening " lol , have a great night xxxxx


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