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Week 2 Rehersals- t

Hi everyone ! What a week we have been practising but (sobs)

I had a fall nothing to do with competition but my back is stiff like board. I will tell you all how it happened;

Enbrel was fastening his laces - he was knelt down in curios - position I came into the room practising my slow foxtrot - one two three - head up - my legs move forward then they go backwards I see a spider my eyes focus on it it is as big as a dinner plate - I scream step back one two over Enbrel flat on back like dead fly legs in air. Breath breath "stop it " he is trying to pull me up. "Gently gently" " I say "No No" ok it sounds worse than it is but explain that to the class of little girls in the next rehearsal room for their lesson, Triumphantly "Oh There" giggling "What the devil" says Enbrel. We both turn and at the door the is standing applauding.

All that and we missed our rehearsal room.

So practise has been frought with disaster!

Still good luck everyone see you all tomorrow!

Gins and Enbrel

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Dancing practise and double-entendres - what more could we ask for Gins!

Cece x


Lol x


What a palaver,funny


Good lordy lord.....what on earth are you two up to!!! I hope this doesn't affect your 'live' performance Gins....although i'm sure it wont.....;)


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