Ideas please!!!

Hi all, need some ideas and you all seem to have lots of good ones!!

My biggest problem at the moment is my jaw. Until my naproxen kicks in I find it very hard to chew. Obviously I can't take my naproxen until I have eaten!

Does anyone have any great ideas for a healthy nutritious and filling breakfast that doesn't involve any major chewing? Oh, and to make it a bit more difficult, it needs to be gluten free. Don't like buying the specialist gluten free breakfast things as they cost a fortune.

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  • What about a glass of milk?


  • Poor you. I get TMJ in my jaw so know just how difficult it is.

    Greek yoghurt, blueberries and manuka honey - yum!

    x x

  • Sounds really good x

  • Poor you, I get it too but recently it's been less annoying. I like well cooked porridge with sugar, I know a true Scot has salt but heyho!

  • Oops it will have gluttun in! Ok a soft mars bar! Lol

  • Was the mars bar deep fried?

  • It would still be gltten free!

  • OMG sugar in porridge what's the H/U coming to, Matt (the haggis) Cass

  • I know, I feel shamed x

  • poached or scrambled eggs, omelettes.

  • Hadn't thought about omelette, was getting bored with the scrambled egg, good alternative plus I can add a few extras to it. Thanks x

  • When I had a stiff jaw I used to chew chewing gum. It seems to lubricate the jaw joints. It depends how bad your jaw is of course.

    Yogurt based smoothie might be good, whiz some banana or berries in it? The Scots have a yoghurt/cream/oats/raspberry thing called Cranackan(?) but do oats have gluten?

  • They do unfortunately. The smoothie things might be good though. Will also try the chewing gum, although sometimes it is so bad in the mornings I dont even want to talk, something that i am sure comes as a great relief to my husband!!

  • My doctor told me to have a diclofenac at night so it would minimise early morning stiffness. It seemed to help, worth a try.

  • Can't take diclofenac, just doesn't agree with me. Might try adding in an extra naproxen before bed though x

  • When my jaw has been particularly bad I have lived on things like egg custard, rice pudding, yoghourt + fruit puree and rice porridge [gluten-free] and home-made smoothies:-}

    Cece x

  • Makes me feel better that you say when, I take it that it has improved. Go to see my GP in the morning to start my methotrexate so hopefully that is going to help.

  • I am the same Emma, I take a healthy fruit / vegetable smoothie home made in the mornings where I am not working and drink with a straw and then an unhealthy coffee. During the working week, I pop the stomach protector and then throw the naproxen with the other tablets down with a cup of tea, probably not the best but as you say you can't chew in the morning, even a banana is too difficult. You have some good ideas there, must get some greek yoghurt that would be nice for a change.

  • Am really shocked what a common problem this is as my Dr has made nothing of it when I have complained how painful my jaw is. I am going to try the greek yoghurt thing too, sounds fab x

  • Hi my wife is British Indian so we use lots of lentils to make Dahl. We also use chick peas cooked accordingly very nice indeed. Use soft chapati to soak up. Really helped me as I had chronic TMJ before RA was diagnosed. You can find good recipes on Internet.

  • Yeeeesssss v easy to eat but maybe not for breakfast :-)

    Very easy to cook though, I did an Indian cookery course in Southall at night school so Dahl and Chana are in my repetitive, amongst other dishes :-)

  • Staple food for breakfast in India, rice type dishes and lots of yogurt and cucumber. :-)

  • Its funny that you suggested this because I had chickpeas with spinach for my dinner last night. Cooked them till they were really soft with a few spices and it was lovely. Must look up some dahl recipes as it would be great for my jaw, plus my husband loves indian foo so would be a happy man.

  • That's food, not foo!!!!!

  • That's great there's so many, good luck I know what it's like some days I couldn't function it was so bad I'm in much better more positive place now:-)

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