Shall I ring my rheumy nurse?

Hi all . Not been posting but reading all yours daily. Well I changed to sulfasalizine and mtx about 3 months ago and I thought this is it, as I felt loads better and nearly normal. Well started to flare again about 2 weeks ago and this last week have felt dreadful. Flares happening every couple of days sometimes both wrists, fingers and tops of hands. The worst thing is the fatigue that goes with it. I have been drained all week with no strength and just want to sleep. I work full time also and have struggled to get to work. Totally fed up and close to tears again. I don't know whether to ring the rheumy nurse or not as I don't know whether I am just being a weakling and just see how it goes or contact them. They might think I am exagerrating so don't want to bother them again. What should I do.

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  • Phone! That's what they're there for! And the sooner you contact them the easier it is for them to help, as may just need something temporary like a steroid jab to get your RA back under control again. But if you leave it, it gets harder. For the first year or so after I started on the drugs I did keep flaring, and was having to have jabs every once in a while. But (fingers crossed) it did settle and haven't needed one for a very long time. So don't feel that it's all going downhill again, as may just be a blip. But do tell them about it, as they need to know to give you the right care. Hope you feel better soon. Polly

  • Thanks polly. I have had steroid jabs in the past and they do help for a little while. I'm just feeling a bit sorryfor myself I think. Not sure if its normal to always suffer flare ups with this disease no matter what meds you take which is why I'm not confident contacting them. Debbie x

  • My personal rule of thumb is a temperature over 100 or flares that last for more than 3 days in more than 1 or 2 joints and I'm on the phone... But as I said, I haven't needed to for ages. I still get mini flares, but nothing like you describe. Px

  • Yes definately ring. I had a steriod injection last tuesday, feel so much better forom having it. Ring tomorrow and get sorted.


  • Thanks. I will ring them. Shoulder flaring as we speak so need to. Deb x

  • If yours are anything like mine they encourage you to phone, something that bothers you is their job, they always have a calming influence and love you to be able to talk about anything about ra. Mine know me very well and love a good blether. Even if you think it's not worth bothering them about a simple thing, they know the disease better than you, it might not really be simple. Always best to get it off your chest and share.

  • Hi

    Phone rheumy nurse, they'll probably offer you a steroid injection, which can be so beneficial.

    Hope you get well soon & good luck

    Joanne x

  • Ring them and tell them,that is what they are there for. If they don't know how can they treat you. Hope you soon feel

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