anyone ever taken glucose tablets?

I sometimes carry them for an extra bit of energy when out and overwhelmed with pain and/or fatigue, so that I could get to a seat or home.

I recently saw "mystery diagnosis" [an american tv documentary programme] where a man had a condition where he would have extremes from muscular pains to falling and unable to move.

[the techky bit - his body was making too much potassium and not enough sodium and it affected his muscles]

the main treatment for his condition - other than diuretics, is easy

- glucose tablets before doing anything.

I don't have his condition, just share some of the symptoms, but found the glucose bit interesting [techky - it helped break down the potassium so it passes out of his body quicker]

I'm not sure if I've remembered it all properly, but would be interested if others have tried the glucose lozenges.

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Hi, sounds interesting doesn't it.....I'll try anything that sound so simple. It certainly would hurt to trial it. I've been reading about coconut water (not milk) and this also seems to have a lot going for it. I worry about calorie intake on some of these things!!

Cheers jan


Hi Sandra,

I carry in my bag and in the car....only way I can get through my working day at times. Caffeine with them works a treat too


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