Bunion surgery four weeks on

Bunion surgery four weeks on

Well, it has been a long four weeks. Two wounds healed beautifully but the large one became infected so is being dressed at the local surgery twice a week. I had to come off Leflunamide for a month to prevent infection getting in, but it did. Not surprisingly I now find that RA is creeping back, flitting from one swollen joint to another. I have a great big heel-walking boot on my left foot; with a swollen right knee I get about with a sort of goose-step, this also makes my hips ache.

Glad my car is automatic as I was driving when the bandages came off two weeks ago (see photo). I can take the dog for short walks, feed the ponies and chickens and harvest the allotment. I just envy the girl riding Zac in this lovely weather and feel guilty about the Hermit with all the wheelbarrow duties at the moment. Feeding him well with all the produce growing out there seems to help.

See the surgeon next week, hope to tell you that it was all worth it.

Best wishes to anyone else sitting in the sun wishing they could be up and doing things.


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  • was your Bunion caused by RA? I also have these, and also RA...are they conected?

  • I believe bunions are hereditary and are very common. Mine was painful as it also had a cluster of rheumatoid nodules on top of it. The surgeon suggested that if I just had the nodules removed from both feet, I would be disappointed with the result with the remaining bunion. Time will tell.....

    I hope your's do not become painful, they do not always do so.

  • I wish you a speedy recovery and i hope it won't be long before your up and about.xxx

  • Thanks, counting down the days until I can put my left foot in the stirrup, and hope the pony stands still so I can complete the manoeuvre!

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