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Achilles Tendon

Does anyone have pain in their achilles tendon due to RA ?

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Nope, but I have major problems with enthesitis in that area from ankylosing spondylitis (spondyloarthritis). Enthesitis is inflammation at the point where the tendon joins onto bone.

For self help relief, I find alternating ice and heat is quite good, plus using volataren gel over the area. Theres some research now that says that steroid injections aren't good for tendonitis as they can make the tendon more brittle and result in tendon ruptures far more often.


Thank you earthwitch i will try that.


Oh glad I read this. Been having injections in my right elbow. I have now bought a personal ultrasound device and TENS so hoping that will help me manage the pain. I can't take NSAIDS, use gels or steroids so not many options.


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