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Finally began Cimzia!

Well on Friday 19th July I had my first Cimzia injections. Was a bit nervous at first, especially when my nurse said I could have a go at doing the second one....but after a few minutes of psyching myself up I did it. And boy how easy was it!!! It didn't hurt at all when I put the needle in and when I started to inject there was only a slight stinging sensation.

It's been 2 days and I haven't taken any other top up medication....the stiffness appears to have eased slightly and the pain where it was a 10 before is now an 8. So far so good!!! I feel quite positive at the moment....I know it's only early days but I have a good feeling about this.

Hope everyone is OK and still enjoying this glorious weather......I found my children's old paddling pool the other weekend and have been spending quite a bit of time sitting with my hands and feet in the water....a bit of relief for the inflammation!

Take care everybody. xx

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This is great news and that paddling pool sounds inspired! X


That is wonderful news.... So so pleased for you. I started anti- TNF two months ago and have not looked back, yes there have been the little set backs but on the whole sitting here this beautiful Sunday afternoon I feel as if I have my life back.

Wish you every success with this treatment, sitting here smiling for joy that another of us RA sufferers is finding a drug that works...please keep us updated

Enjoy the relief, it will continue to improve

Katie x


Thank you all so much for your always every bit support we give each other means so much. I'll let you all know how I get on over the next few months....injection no.2 is on the 2nd Aug....roll on that day! xx


Hi, I too had my first cimzia injections last week on 18th July. I'm not sure if I'm just having some good days but my swelling has gone down and I'm in less pain! Next one on August 1st!!

I too feel really positive this week - been really down lately!!

Here's hoping this is a wonder drug :-)


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