Mobility issues

I am having quite a few issue with my mobility and was wondering does any one else? From getting cramps in my toes to very painful knees and stilted walking. I know that you will all say I should see my RA team but I am not sure if my RA Con is still in post and no one can tell me anything. I emailed the RA nurse mid last week, still no reply... not sure where I go from here.

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I've had some bad inflammation in my knees this year which seems to have left me with some damage, they hurt most of the time, I can't kneel, get in or out of the bath (so glad we have a shower too!) or walk down hill without pain. I think I must have some permanent damage by now. I do mention it when I see my rheumy but he doesn't seem that bothered. In my experience I have to mention something to him at least three times before it sinks in and he sends me for tests or refers me to a different specialist! I'm not sure much can be done about permanent damage if it isn't bad enough for a replacement joint, maybe try some joint supplements for now? I'd ring your RA team if they haven't replied to your email by now. xx


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