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'Hello there'...in a rich velvety voice

..those being the opening words from David Jacobs on his late night Sunday radio show. I always made a point of listening to the show but these days I am so tired I am asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.

I really enjoy having the support from all of you wonderful people but for the last couple of days I have been out of the loop due to all the site changes, I do hope that I start getting the daily posts as I enjoyed the blogs so much. So at last I have found my way to say hello again and I am looking forward to your continued help and support.

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Hello to you too! It rather taxes your brain when something new comes along and you crave for the old way. Still we need to keep up with latest and it keeps us oldies on our toes, I am not insinuating your one of us. At least we have found our comfort blanket again and continue to feel nice and cosy.

I trust you are having more up days than you have had recently, take care. xxx


Hello George all the hiccups seem to gently smoothing out and when the switch is turned everyone will receive emails once more. I am looking forward to the constant stream telling us we are not alone in this world of ours. I am usually on fibroaction but with the new site I get all my fields popping up so I thought I would drop a line. Stay well xgins


Hello Georje

I have been 38 and three quarters for so long now I could be any age.

As for up and down days, pretty much the same.


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