This is the article that Dr John Holly wrote re life Span shortened

Please please nobody get depressed or even worried there will be a pill potion or injection that can shorten some of these problems. If you are at all worried please talk to NRAS or GP, or your RNP.

Best wishes


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  • Thanks Tricia :)

    Note everyone, it was written in 2001 and before the introduction of the Biologic (anti-tnf) drugs! Things have changed drastically for the better and what is quoted is quite out of date for this very reason. I have replied about life expectancy on the other thread!

    Lyn x

  • Please please don't worry, we don't know when we are going to die. We could be hit by a bus if they are still running in your area. I try to keep active and live life for today.

  • Gosh if you knew when and where and how we meet our end we could get up to all kinds of tricks.

    being the naughty sort of girl I am that sounds rather good.

    Have fun live long and prosper

    Oscar Wilde said


    Best wishes


  • Hi Tricia, strangely enough I only read the article a few days ago and I must admit it as played on my mind. Your right though we can't keep worrying about everything we read or hear it will drive us mad, mind you were not far off!! lol

    So thanks for that.

    mand xx

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