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Re: Swollen hands, fingers, feet and toes, all resembling sausages!

Re:  Swollen hands, fingers, feet and toes, all resembling sausages!

It is the HUMIDITY!!! No matter what the temperature, it is the increased Humidity that causes the increased swelling and pain, the sausage fingers and toes.

Evidenced by those who have been to drier climates. I personally discovered this several years ago, while in Florida to visit parents at their condo. It was warm, then it rained a couple days, suddenly my hands were swollen and achey. The humidity was up in the 90%s, that is why so many arthritics choose to move to the drier USA climates, like Arizona and California!

The humidity causes terrible, penetrating pain in the joints, the only relief is to stay in the air-conditioned rooms, which are also dehumidified.

The heat is a relief for the arthritis as long as it is not accompanied by increased humidity!!

But, try to enjoy the summer anyways, just watch the weather reports that give the humidity level, and avoid being out in it if it increases. Cheers, Loret xx

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Thanks for this Loret, maybe we should all emigrate to the sunshine state of California, I may meet up with my favourite writer Robert Crais, love the picture he puts up on his website, quite an alluring man! Either that or it was taken years ago.

I hope you are bearing up with it all, and I love your picture. xxx


Ah. That makes sense. South Tenerife is very dry and hot, and can make me feel like I am in remission.

Midlands in England, hot and sticky and I have sausage shaped toes that hurt so much, I may chuck them on the barbecue!


Ah ok, well i think i have to move near you then!!! that would be fun wouldnt it lovely lloret!! Love the picture it is so cute, hope u r keeping well xx


Can I have dry cold please,not heat? I hate it when it gets too hot even if it isn't humid. So not California for me, and maybe the Andes would suit me best? Polly


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