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pregnancy and methotrexate

Hi all,have been on methotrexate for several years.for the last 5 months been off the metxate after being on remission. I recently developed flare ups and was put back on metx.Am however scared of using the meds since am planning to get pregnant early next year.

1. For how long is one required to be off metx before conceiving??

2.Are there natural alternatives which can help avoid the meds especially before and during pregnancy??

Am so scared of going back to meds, i dont want to risk anything that might affect the baby in future.


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pregnancy on mtx is a strict no no.. probably safest to leave at least six months before conceiving.


I came off mtx for 5 months before we started trying for our baby (they suggest no less than 3 months but should wait 6 months. It is really important to come off it for as long as possible as it can cause foetal abnormalities. (I thought it would be difficult to conceive after being on mtx and pill for so long so came off pill after 5 months and conceived straight away. Oops). I am also on Humira and celebrex so stayed on them until I fell pregnant. You are probably best speaking to your rheum nurse/consultant, they referred me to a specialist in maternity unit who give me lots of info about what you can take and what you can't at each stage.There are also pre-pregnancy clinics that may be able to help which your gp may be able to tell you about? Don't forget to keep taking your folic acid though. My arthritis got alot better in pregnancy so managed with just painkillers. You can have steroid injections during pregnancy which may help if you do flare when you come off mtx. Hope it goes ok for you x


Thanks a lot for the encouragement.Will consult widely before next year.Its really encouraging to know sometimes RA goes on remission during pregnancy.

Thanks again and good luck.


Hi Lubash

They generally suggest that you should be off MTX for 3-6 months before trying to conceive, as Elmtree said.

In terms of getting an idea of what could be taken in place of the MTX, you may find our article on pregnancy and RA useful:

Kind regards


(NRAS Helpline)


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