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Has anyone gone on to Metex 30mg injections, Have been progressing from 15 then 20 then 25 and now have to start 30 mg CPR has gone down but not enough, so far have been tolerating injections, also take Salazopirina and steroids. Had thought 25mg was max.

If these don,t make the necessary improvement it's suggested next step is biologics.

CPR went down 22 points with 25mg but still not enough. Or maybe it was me mega dosing with vitamin C as I was getting a tooth abscess. So still a work in progress after being diagnosed 2.5 years ago. Am pleased with current rheumatologist. Told to stay out of sun til after 6pm!!!!!

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Hi there. I'm afraid I don't have personal experience of this higher dose though I've been on 25mg or oral mtx for quite a while. I did read on the 'net that 30mg doses are commonly used in other countries, pretty sure that Germany was mentioned. Might be worth googling about how RA is treated elsewhere in Europe.

Luce x


I am living in Portugal, sunny Algarve that is why I was told to keep out of the sun. Rheumatologist would prefer not to increase steroid use because of side effects.


Hi grace37,

I'm sure you are aware that Health unlocked is for everyone that wishes to use it however it is a UK charity, therefore our information is all UK and may differ to Portugal information. Methotrexate has a maximum dose of 25mg here in the UK.

I have researched this site for you:


Liga Portuguesa contra as Doencas Reumaticas

I'm not sure exactly what information is on here or if they have a helpline number you can call as it is all in portugese but it may be of some use to you.

Kind regards



Thanks, English being my first language it's easier to reas and write.


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