RA and Fibromyalgia

Hi, saw my Rhumy this afternoon and he thinks I have Fibro on top of RA (which was diagnosed 2 years ago).i am constantly aching and in pain everyday.he has prescribed Gabapetinin 300mg to start with but he said some people are on 3600mg a day.dont really know a lot about Fibro(will look it up online).just wondering if some people have had the same experience?

Love B x

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  • Hi, I feel your pain (metaphorically and literally). I was diagnosed with both fibro and RA last year.

    The blood tests say that my RA is in remission after starting methotrexate about 6 months ago, but, and it's a big but, I don't actually feel any better because of the fibro.

    So, you're not alone x

  • Thanks for your response reni73.makes me feel better that I'm not alone in this but alas not rejoicing as its a debilitating illness.does gabantin/pregablin work?my RA is still active after 2 years and I'm on enbrel,mtx injections,Arcoxia 90mg,,Amytriptyline 10mg.im hoping Gabapetinin works x

  • Hi Missbb, I was diagnosed with RA 3 years ago and I told my Rheumy that I thought it was fibromyalgia and he informed me that I could have both, this would explain why even after 2 and a half years on methotrexate, that I am still in pain constantly every day somewhere in my body, usually my back and fingers and neck. I have got the Gabapentin, Tramodol, co dydromol and Narproxyn but all the pain killers don't seem to work on me. A friend gave me some mild dose of morphine tablets and they worked just fine. I told my GP about it and he has refused to prescribe me this medicine which I am not happy about. Hope you have your pain sorted out soon. Take care. x

  • Hi cuddles64.thanks for your reply.i am due to take the first tablet tonight.hope it works :).

    Sorry to hear about your situation.why is GP refusing to prescribe morphine?have you tried pain patches?butrans I think they are called?ask your Rhumy next time you have an appointment.good luck x

  • When I'm in great pain as we always are lol, at the time I go to the consultant he always checks if I'm having a flare of fibromyalgia before referring to the RA, sometimes I fall to the floor when he hits the spot lol and that way he decides which is flaring, personally with the Gabapentin I had to stop taking it as it affected my memory in a pretty bad way, so now I only have painkillers and AMITRIPTYLINE for the Fibro and the other 25 for RA and a good few other illnesses lol.

    For my Fibro I do gentle exercise daily and not try to over do it because with the Fibro when doing exercise because when you reach the pain barrier STOP because unfortunately you will make your self worse the next day, please don't over do it cos it hurts lol,

    I hope you get some pain free hours soon. Maybe ask your GP for morphine patches as they really help me with the Fibro pains.


  • Hi Missbb thank you for getting back to me.I tried to speak to some specialist yesterday as it was my yearly check up and he wants to put me on some other medications along with the methotrexate for the RA but I am already taking enough pills with the amitriptyline, Metformin for my diabetes, citalopram and simvastatin for high blood pressure lol, so I really don't want any more drugs in tablet form. I did try to tell him that the pain killers are not working. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you in the hope they help you.

  • Will ask GP thanks Phillip.

    Fingers crossed for pain free night x

  • Thanks cuddles64,sounds like you are having a hard time as well.hope everything goes ok with everything.cant you ask to be referred to pain clinic?easier said Han one I know especially as GP's now control our NHS budget lol.keep pestering them.congrats on DLA.

    Just got my form for PIP,not sure where to start with it.will ask CAB x

  • Dear Missbb I would say just write in as much detail as you can about your worst days and the help you need each of those really bad days. They don't want to know about your good days and the help you may already get, they just want to know about your really bad days hun. I hope you get success and I wish you all the best. Oh and just to let you know they will refuse you and it's in your best interest to keep appealing every time. Good luck. x

  • Thanks Hun.applied for DLA last year and was refused so gave up.determined to see it thru this time cos I really need the help.even if its to pay someone do the cleaning or cooking lol or to help me get dressed.

  • Hi Missbb. If you check out the Fibroaction site/forum you'll find lots of info and support. Just go to the My Communities menu on the toolbar at the top of this page, select Browse Other Communities and it's there under F [strangely enough ;) ]. There are two or three fibro support groups listed I think but general consensus from those that have visited them all is that they prefer Fibroaction. Can't comment from personal experience as only tried the one. Good luck and see you there maybe x

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