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Mtx success

Just thought I would like to send encouragement to all of you worried about taking mtx. I was diagnosed in Jan 2012 and was started on mtx .Today I have been told I am in remission after tapering off the drug since February. I am aware that it could return but I am crossing my fingers while I can. I was very wary about this drug but apart from a couple of hiccups when the dose was raised , it has been good. Good luck to those about to start.

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Thanks so much. Am just in my fifth week of mtx following a recent diagnosis. It is so encouraging to hear that it seems to have done the trick for you. Fingers crossed it does the same for me. Great to hear!!


Hey that's great! I was diagnosed a month before you. I have had a lot of success with MTX as well as a lot of trouble! The trouble has been with liver and side effects but it has been great for RA and at a lower dose of injectable MTX I've been doing really well although not in remission yet. I'm now down to 12.5mg and only suffering from stiffness really. My consultant didn't seem to think it would be possible for me to come off it though so reading your tale had made me think perhaps he could be wrong. Its really good that you came on here to say this as its pretty rare that people hang around when in remission but it gives everyone a lot of hope and hope is good. I really hope your RA has been switched off for good but if not you do at least know that MTX works for you. Tilda x


good news, lovely to hear a positive outcome, thanks for sharing it with us xx


it is lovely to hear a positive result on MTX, Take care XX


Fantastic positive news !!, well done !! I'm doing very well on mtx too,but like tilda I thought I would have to stay on it to keep well.take care and enjoy life :)))) Michelle xxx


Thats really good news.

Mary x


Great news, I've been offered MTX in January, having read the side effects I was worried about starting it so have delayed it until July. I am on Naproxen and it seems to keep it at bay (maybe because I don't have too many flare ups and when I do I can cope). I think you have given me the encouragment I need to make up my mind to try it. Thank you so much for posting, I think we should have a lot more on here willing to post when MTX has been successful. I do know if I am successful with it I will certainly come on here and let everyone know.


Good news ! I've been on MTX for 13 years and no side effects except now and then the day after I take it I feel tired and a bit nauseous and weepy, but not every week and not in a debilitating way. It suits me well, luckily. I also on Naproxen but only as and when needed, been on it a lot lately cos I broke by foot and it kept the inflammation down.

I AM DEFINITELY ONE OF THE MTX SUCCESS STORIES!!! and am now on 25mg a week and still doing well.

Bencar - go for it, you can always come off it if it doesn't suit . I had a violent and immediate reaction to sulphazalazene (sp?) when first diagnosed so knocked that on the head straight away.

As long as you go for your monthly blood tests when on MTX it shouldn't be a problem if your dr. and/or consultant recommend it.

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