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Trip to GP for blood results

Went to GP yesterday for the results of blood tests (routine for my RA and FSH to see if I was starting the menopause). Interesting results. CRP less than 5 which is often the case since being on MTX 25mg (great news), but my ESR is creeping up each time Im tested. It is now at 38. I was placed on sulphasalazine when ESR was 33 as rheumy registrar said that showed some RA activity still going on, but yesterday GP was not interested as he said it was only the CRP that was relevant to RA!!! so frustrating.

The second result was more of a shock - my FSH came back at 58 which he said suggests I am post menopausal. He thus went into more history as I asked lots of questions such as if the bleeding is thus due to vasculitis or was the erratic bleeding related to RA or my meds or a gynae issue (or more seriously for me - having investigated types of vasculitis I saw that the severe type causes problems to internal organs such as kidneys..... my mum died of kidney failure due to glomerula nephritis which vasculitis can cause).

He is sending me for urgent scan before deciding whether to refer me to gynae but also said oh "my dear I think we need to keep a closer eye on you and your blood tests in this case" and thanked me for coming in for the results.....

Moral of story - dont rely on GP or hospital to check your routine blood results - go see doc for results so you can check out the whole picture each time..... early diagnosis of anything new that might be going on has to be better than progression of a problem.

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oh wow, i cant remember the last time i had my bloods done, might have to ask them!! hope you get sorted soon and i too am glad you phoned them. Axx


Yes I agree - although I'm a bit confused because when my FSH was in that range they just said I was perimenopausal but then it went soaring up to 3 figures (can't recall quite what) and they said I was over the menopause for certain? Must be different lab results or something I guess? I'm not sure about a GP who will discount the ESR for RA - my surgery says the opposite and only goes by the ESR although they have taken my CRP on occasion. It's annoying when they are so different as you don't know which inflammatory marker to trust. My CRP when last taken was 19 and my ESR was 62 but that was over a year ago now. It's always much lower than my ESR but the normal range figures seem to be the same which is hard to fathom? Tilda x


I have also read that the fsh can b different depending on where in ur cycle u r so that too makes it confusing. It just makes a difference for him to take any notice - im thinking of changing gp but dont want to risk moving to worse one. At leadt u can get appointments really quickly with this practice.

Not going to worry til have had scan results as they should show better what is happening. But esr gradually increasing does match increase in my discomfort snd fatigue so I will go back for more if feel I need to.


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