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totally cheesed off!

Hi I am really cheesed off, I am taking 7.5 MTX and now folic acid daily because of nausea and about to go up to 15mg and feel really rough.....yet another sore throat and mouth ulcers. (I was previously on Sulfasalazine which made me really sick then knocked my WBC down so eventually stopped) I cannot cope with nausea or being physically sick My bloods are oK it seems (lowered WBC but not too bad apparently) I know other people have even rougher times .... sorry to be a wimp! But I cannot understand /or know the difference when I am just ill or its the medication side effects because i just feel so horrible most of the time, and have enough to deal with the external pressues of life ( sole carer,family issuess no financial or physcal help etc) I am getting to the point I just seriously dont want to take any of this medication anymore and just put up with the consequences and reduce to painkillers only. Do others feel like this or have tried 'cold turkey'? Sorry to whinge on but just need to get it off my chest x

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It is good to have a moan and to get it off your chest, I think well all feel like it at sometime, I feel like it at the moment as after 3 months on the latest drug they have given me I still can feel myself getting worse. I was on mtx for a while and it made me sick so I was put onto the injectable form which did not affect me at all for sickness. See if they will let you change to this. My WBC went low on sulfa as well.


I agree with Ozzy please ask about switching to injectable MTX. Unfortunately I still get sick on it but at least it's significantly more effective for RA which means I can hopefully last on a lower dose for a while. You aren't whinging - it's really horrible feeling ill and I have had all the same problems as you for a long time. I went cold turkey in March but after a month I ended up having a nasty flare so went back on it with tail between my legs. I'm now reducing my doses slowly and am currently landed on 12.5mg while they consider what to do about me next. Tilda x


Thankyou for your comments Ozzy and Tilda. Suppose at a very low ebb this morning and feeling alone and sick. Also rung helpline which was very helpful too. Decided not to take meds this weekend and try and get in touch with nurse advice line next week to discuss options further. How many different meds have you tried ? What strength did you get to with MTX ? x


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