Hi everyone

Well been eventfull....nurse turned up had a wee chat and cuppa then down to buisness,two injections(In the tummy i opted for).....not as bad as i though so the worring the night before was for nothing, it seemed like ages to empty the syringe's but i did it and a relief to get it out the way, untill the next time in two weeks ,tomorrow night i inject my usuall MTX i fell like a pin cushion.

Also today coincided with an appointment with my Rhumy consultant first time in a year, took the afternoon off for a 5 minute chat waste of time,my rhumy nuses are way better,i see them in 3 months time .

So not a bad day really, as yet have no side affects only a little swelling where the injection entered, thats normal apparently. I keep you posted thanks for reading.

soft hugs to you all

Angie XxX

4 Replies

  • sounds good so far.. hope it helps x

  • Thank you Summer x

  • Brilliant Minxy, U brave thing, so onwards and upwards now!!

  • Well done you hopefully thing will only get better xx

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