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RA United 1 - ME Athletic 0

ME Athletic showed real spirit and determination to beat RA United in today's match. These two sides have been battling it out for the last month, ME being the people's favourite but RA the stronger of the two sides.

ME were stuggling in the first half, not playing on top form with some major players carrying injuries. ME did an outstanding job of defending RA's constant attacks. There were also some brilliant chances at goal for ME but most were a little off and and failed to hit the mark.

It remained 0-0 at half time.

In a show of distaste at a particularly dirty tackle an ME player got shown red card (crying is not appreciated on the pitch) leaving them outnumbered for the rest of the match. RA readily took advatage of this and demonstrated their experience by producing some skillful, some would argue sneaky, play.

ME rallied with the help of their substituion (S.Teroid) but could not handle the pressure, becoming weary and careless as the second half progressed. RA finally swooped in at the 89th minute and scored the long awaited goal.

RA United became the divison champoins after todays defeat. ME Athletic have however, survived relegation this season. Despite a complete battering ME Athletic remain positive for a win against RA United in the future.

Man of the Match: S.Teroid.

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Absolutely brilliant Jo! Superb analogy ... wish I'd written it !!

Thank you :)


Ha ha, thanks Lyn...was inspired by the footie OH was watching (snoozing to) last night!


im in the s teroid match too!, you are funny xx, as a question of interest how good is your consultant and have they ever told you or discussed yuor das score!. alison


My consultant is very good although last time I saw one of his team and have been left a little frustrated. He is actually one of the consultant Rheumy's for the NRAS website! No I don't know my DAS, the nurse did examine my joints and asked which were painful my next appointment in August I'll ask them if I'm still having trouble!


This is brilliant Jo.. what a match!

I really don't know how you cope with both and two little kiddliwinks... and it inspires me and hopefully other people too... you one plucky lady... Julie x


Thanks Julie, somedays I don't know how I do it, I guess we just muddle on through! Yesterday was not a good day but today things are looking up. It's so frustrating that my RA has such a huge impact on so many other people, I hate that part of it but at the same time I couldn't do it without them all!

I still can't believe you have 6,000 chickens! (If you ever need two little helpers I can send them your way...?!) x


Lovely commentary Jo!! mt son and hubby will love that as they are both footie fans.

well done, keep em coming we need cheering up.

mand xx


Fantastic commentary Jo. I only wish that Arsenal could match the sheer skill of RA United but keep the heart and spirit of ME Athletic!

Ann x


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