Too much pain today

I try very hard not to complain but this morning am reduced to tears and have taken my pain meds to the max! My hands are I would almost say excruciating, feet are trying to have a competition a my knees, well, just trying to ignore them. Trying to work out what I did yesterday tha would have caused this- lifted and carried the tomato plants outside and in. And a few other gardening chores but nothing I have not done before.......the unpredictability of this disease is the biggest frustration in my life right now- cannot plan a darn thing- so so angry. That is it a word I use very often but today am really p***** off. I simply do not have time to sit about knocked out by pain meds and moving like Pinnochio when I want anything

Ok......deep breathe .....I so hope you all have a better day than me right now

Sending hugs

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  • I am sorry to hear this. I had a similar day on Saturday, pain in hip, hands (hate that the most) and feet, oh, and my left knee! I too clock watch for the next dose of painkillers. Have you told your GP about the level of pain? Mine put me on co-codamol 30/500 but it doesn't really work and the rheumy put me on small dose of amitriptyline to take at night and seroxat for the morning. I hate not being able to plan ahead, when I do, I often have to change it if I am in too much pain. I am sorry I can't help you, but all I can say is you are not alone (if that's any comfort). Take care x

  • Thank you Tess, already taken 800 mgs Ibuprofen, 30/500 and Anadin! Yes they know and I accept not much can be done at the moment- simply wait for biologics to start taking effect. Had a brilliant response last month, however as it is the first dose it cannot maintain for the month- roll on the 20th is all I can say. Today has just been particular acute, it will settle, and I hope quickly, or at least to a more manageable level. Reluctant to ask for steroids, have had so much this year and really we must be reaching the maximum level and I think that is just where I am right now, steroids wearing off and new treatment not yet working at full potential. Hope your day is easier x

  • I Think there is some cross over with those painkillers??!!traditional anadin is aspirin so taking that and ibuprofen is two nsaids.. .. wax bath good for hands, I HAVE one,, still better since my Bowen ( saturday)and I did weeding sunday. still v fatigued after a part day at work had a short lie down x

  • Summer- as I wrote it, was giving myself a ticking off! however one dose will not do my liver any harm, at least not with the huge amounts I am taking anyway. When it gets really horrible like this I usually have to put the max. daily doses of all my pain meds, out in the morning and then I know I cannot go over that. Today just caught me so unawares with the viciousness and level of pain.................there is always tomorrow


  • Hi Katie,

    You hit the nail on the head with the frustration and anger that the unpredictability of this disease causes. Continuously having to re-evaluate you live is so wearisome isn't it?

    I'm sorry there is nothing I can do to make it go away but you have my sympathy for your pain today. These horrid days do pass. xx

  • your sentiment is appreciated Creaky. I have to say I love your username- so very apt

    I hope you are doing ok today


  • It is the pits isn't it...have one great day and forget all about RA, and then woompf it's back the next! But hopefully every month will be better for you from now on, and won't be long until you can get through a whole month. Px

  • I know P just the waiting.....i know that is something we all have to deal with. Patience patience patience.......everything to do with RA requires a deal of that

    10 more sleeps


  • thank you honey- so need the hugs today


  • Me too re big hugs and masses of sympathy. I relate to that excruciating pain in the hands - it really is hellish but as others have said, it will pass and hopefully the Biologic will get on top of it soon. Tilda x

  • sending hugs right back at you Tilda xxx

    I have just got to get through today and tomorrow will be better

  • Hope you are feeling better soon, Bug hugs from me to xx

  • Oh Katie, it's very frustrating , I try to keep going as much as I can only to quickly realise I am just not able and then suffer. But you gotta keep positive an try try again o u would just lie in bed! Hope you painkillers have kicked in and u manage a lovely keep and tomorrow is another day xxxx hugs (( ))

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