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who has tried a `ems` or...Electronic Muscle Stimulator

Electronic Muscle Stimulator ,,ems,, i have just purchased one of these devices because I had some acupuncture with the electric device connected to the needles last year, and it really helped with pain re-leaf, but it was only for 6 sessions and then i was told i would have to pay private as the nhs does not fund this type of pain management ??great??, now what i am wondering is will i feel any benefit from a ems machine . looking on uTube I feel it would help with weight control, and pain,????????? what do you people know about these devices ????????

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I've never tried one but it's worth a try-i'd be interested to see how you get on with it.



Hi Roger,

Are these the same as TENS machines?? If they are, I've got one I bought from Boots years ago for a bad back. I found it took your mind off the pain through the intense buzzing sensation it gives off...rather bizarre! Not sure if this helps at all??



hi all i have tried this tens/muscular builder and it does pull the musculus the only problem is i ache which is down to not exercising them musculus in the past , the instructions say keep the contact pads really wet to create a good contact other wise you get a unpleasant tingling , the machine i bought is from tesco direct £93 reduced from £150 body-tek 3...comes with belt + tens kit i found the leads to be rather short and the plugs hard to push in machine but it is powerful this unit has more control modes and more contacts, compared to other machines . the belt is not really needed as the unit with pads do the same job. the pads on this unit are felt and can be used just with water (most use a contact jell )

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