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Had my DLA Home Medical today

Well after having to cancel the first one due to it being inconvienient first time round, I received a letter on Saturday morning telling me my Home medical was this morning!!!!

A Dr Parmar was here for about 40 minutes, he asked a lot of questions which he wrote on the form he was filling out most of which I couldnt read, all I got was in one section he wrote "Well Dressed" and upon asking the question about if I had good and bad days, he asked how often I had Good days, he had already written the answer 1-2 days per week, but I said goodness no more like 1-2 days per month if im lucky so he scribbled out week and wrote month. Thats all I got, he didnt ask me to "perform" any tasks, he did see me struggle into the room on crutches, my husband was with me to get tea and any other paperwork he needed, he just got me to try to make a fist and grip his finger which i could hardly do to which he commented how affected my hands were and marked me as a 3 for each hand, then i had to put my hands on my hips and behind my head and marked me 1 for each elbow and shoulder, then i had to rotate my feet in a circle which I sort of completed and then to try to bend my leg and bring my foot up to my body which I couldn't do so I was marked a 3 for each hip and a 3 for my left knee. He told me which joints he found to be significantly impaired (hands, hips and knee) and said he would do his best for me.

I found the Dr to be very pleasant and was not in the least 'unhelpful'

He said it would be about 6-8 weeks now until i get a decision so despite the horror stories ive read on hear and other sites im quite hopeful of a good outcome. I will of course apply for a copy of the report as soon as I can in case I do need to appeal.

I do have a question though, does anyone know what the points were he was awarding for my joints movement as I have mentioned above, i.e 3 for hips but 1 for arms etc?

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Hi I've no idea on the points is it still dla in your area or the new pip!

however when I had an assessment a few years ago I found the doctor very helpful and she commented on the amount off medication I was on saying I must be in a bad way, she commented on how bad my hands and feet were as you could clearly see deformities and my mobility etc and the fact I couldn't get out off my wheelchair on my own ad my partner has to help lift me out. She asked if I got out and socialised, I said I was lucky if I made it out one Saturday a month for a bit off fresh air with my partner.

But when the report came through it was a totally different story, apparently I went out every Saturday socialising, I was able to clench a fist which I haven't been able to do for at least four years due to a few fingers being fused straight , and I seemed well and fit plus loads more was written, I failed because off these lies.

However I contacted to Dwp and made a complaint I said as the meeting was apparently recorded I demanded they go back and check out what had been said, I know I get confused a lot but I was sure on what I'd said so was really annoyed on the day I had apparently been really well dressed etc I hadn't even brushed my hair and was in my house clothes leggings and a baggy tshirt.

I'm not trying to put you off, just letting you know how devious some off these doctors are.

I did get my dla after complaining and getting it looked at again, but we really shouldn't be made out as liars and have to go through all the stress.

Good luck with your claim hope you get what you deserve x


I don't know how true it is but a friend of mine called last night and he was saying that to keep your benefit you have to have 15 points. I think if you contact one of the voluntary groups in your location they might be able to confirm that for you. At least you got a Dr from what I've heard some only have a nurse.

I am waiting for the dreaded letter myself. I know DLA was dreadfully abused but the people I'am hearing about that have been wiped is outrages.

Please let me know how you get on as I am a very nervous woman waiting for the chop. X


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