DAS up to 6.29, when will it come under control!

In February DAS was 5.82 methotrexate increased (oral) and sulphasalazine introduced. Steroids kept at 5mg a day. No improvement just a new pain starting in groin (hips). Next appt 2 months later, DAS 6.29 and given steroid injection on the spot and started on mtx injections (20mg). I came away quite hopeful that "somethings being done" but a month later (now) I still don't feel much better. I have been on MTX and steroids (on and off with steroids) for over 4 years - I am so fed up! Sorry to moan...............

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  • Don't be sorry for moaning,we all do it.Have they reccomended you for anti-tnf yet.You need to conact your rheumy and see if they can do something to help you.xx

  • You moan away if it helps you. Four years seems along time with no improvement. Think i would get in touch with your rheumy see if they could do any more for you. Sometimes presidents works you may then get recommended for tnf xx

  • I have to agree, i have only been on Mtx and hydroxy for 6 months and have also had 4 injection as well, i had my visit yesterday and i was already talking about them putting me on a Anti tnf drug, but my DAS is only 369, your is above 510 so they should consider you after 4 years, at present they have now put me on MTX injection and sulfasalazine, it would be worth having another chat to them, take Care xxx

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