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Hand ultrasound

Hi everyone, had my ultrasound on my hands last week, the sonographer was lovely and explained everything he was looking for and what he found. Unfortunately I have to wai until 16th Aug to get the full results from my rheumy. The sonographer did tell me that I has thickened synovial membranes in all 10 knuckles and both wrists and looks like some tissue damage, does anyone else relate to this? Thanks Jilly

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Hi Jilly, Why don't you ask for your appointment to be brought forward so your rheumy consultant can explain in more detail to you for your own piece of mind, and if you have to receive any meds why wait till August, If your Rheumy is unavailable why don't you phone and talk to your Rheumy nurse they are normally very good and knowledgeable. Good Luck mattcass.


Hi Mattcass, I'm already on MTX, naproxen, Folic acid, domperidone & omperazole so don't need any more med's, my appointment with my rheumy nurse is on 12th June for MTD (muti disciplinary or something like that where I will see OT, nurse & Physio ) but will she tell me then do you know? I don't want to keep ringing as I feel like I'm mithering them, thanks for your reply :)


I've never had ultrasounds of jointsand have no rheumy nurse of

Any if the things you outline apart from the same drugs so can't advise but it sounds fairly classic RA to me and also sounds as if you've got a thorough RA team advising you well. Tilda


Hiya I have had lots of ultrasound tests done. In general what they are looking for is The physical proof of RA ie inflammation of the synovial membrane of the joint, synovitis and fluid in the joints. It's just to be sure if there is inflammation or any joint or synovium swelling or thickening.

It gives them pictures to compare and to see how your treatment is working .

Also if you have positive synovitis and fluid in your hands it is thought it's highly likely that other joints are the same.

So now the sonographer tells you it's a positive result that's all they need, it probably won't change anything , it gives them more info for example to add to a case later on for anti tnf or depending on how much positive to stay on mtx and comparisons.

You can give the Rheumy helpline a ring and ask if they would like to see you earlier. But I suspect they will talk about it in a couple of weeks at your mdt meeting. They will then get physio, OT and anything that will help you started up.

Sounds like a good team and they are looking after you though, hugs Axx


Hi everyone, thank you for your responses, they really do help! I'm going to speak to my Rheumy nurse on 12th April to see if she can give me anymore info xx


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