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Quick ???


Hello, just wondered if anyone else can relate to this, excruciating pain in one shoulder that comes on suddenly it may last 1 day or 5 days but then goes as fast as it came, but then moves to the other shoulder, or comes back in the same place, suddenly and again goes as suddenly, Is this normal for pain with RA? does anyone else have this? This has been happening now for 5-6 weeks and i'm not sure if this is normal or not.

Wendy xx

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Hi Wendy, I have had the same for about 3 weeks now, at first i thought it was a pulled or trapped muscle as it was in my right shoulder only but for the past few nights it has been in both shoulders so i asume it must be the RA . but i will be going to the docs in morning to see what they say.

i will let you know what hey say.


nellysgran in reply to johnhulme

Thank you John, sorry you are having the same prob, hope you can get some answers, even cocodamol wont help some nights.

Hello. This is exactly how my r a started. First one ahoulder, then the other. Then the same with my knees then one of my ahoulders again and then my neck. It is definitely the ra. Sorry!


I had it too before the diagnosis and MTX - it is definitely RA if its moving from shoulder to shoulder in this way. You obviously haven't got the control you need from your RA meds yet I would say. Tilda xx


Wendy I experienced this before I was diagnosed with RA, same as some others, it would float around my body and I would never know where it would next land. After about 8 months it started impacting on both sides and that is when it settled into the joints. Think like Tilda said that your meds are probably not effective enough at this time.

The one thing that did help was naproxen (the prescription ones) all the best

nellysgran in reply to Hidden

thanks but i'm not allowed to take naproxen, ( doctors orders )

Hi Wendy have you ever had calcium probs in the past I was being treated for a frozen shoulder which is a painfull as the Ra im going through now, till they discovered a calcuim deposit on my shoulder which was treated and who behold it happened to the other shoulder it was treated and thankfully it never returned the calcium not the RA im afraid to say, if you need any more info on this please ask.Matt

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Hi Matt, thank you as far as I know I haven't had a calcium problem before, but I have just been reading up on it and it sounds just like what is happening, my next appointment with my rheumy is in june so I was trying to hold out till then, but the pain is so bad some nights I could scream, also it disappears as quick as it comes sometimes, did this happen to you?.


I still get this problem on and off. It is usually a sign that my inflammation is up. I do have physio exercises that help to ease it. Might b worth asking gp for a referral to c if exercises help u. Physio said I was trapping nerves in my shoulder when inflammation increased.

Hope u get it sorted.

The calcium deposit is an interesting one. I wouldnt mind knowing more bout that just in case its another possibility.

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