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Etoricoxib - Do you have to take it all the time?

In the last 3 years, I have found myself relying on Etoricoxib because I have not yet found a DMARD that work for me. I am curious to find out, if any of you, need to take Etoricoxib on a regular basis and at what strength. I'm not sure if I am realistic in thinking, that once, you have the correct DMARD(s) combo you no longer need to take any anti-inflammatories such as Etoricoxib.

I'm not keen in taking this drug but, I must admit that without it I would have not been able to cope with life, never mind about work!!

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Hello, I have been taking 90mg arcoxia daily for about a year. If I don't take it, after a few days my joints start complaining. I have not had any problems with it and would hate to be without it! I also self inject 20mg methotrexate, gulp down 4 sulfasalazine, 1 folic acid, 15 mg prednisolone etc etc making a total of 22 pills a day! Seems a ridiculous amount of meds but hey ho, that is RA and high BP for you. Good luck, Virge


Thank you Virge for your comment. It helps me understand that even on strong DMARDs, you still need to take Etoricoxib/Arcoxia daily. Unfortunately, I reacted badly on Sulphasalazine and MTX. So i'm now taking Leflunomide and I was wondering whether it did work because I still need to rely on Etoricoxib. May be I have an over-expectation on the DMARD.


I think it's very variable, as RA can be very different for different people. I'm on injectable MTX, Sulpha and Hydroxy and it's nearly a year since I had to use steroids, and there's often dust on my boxes of NSAIDS. I had a bad spell a couple of weeks ago, and needed them for a few days but generally I don't need pain relief most days. I ache in the mornings and do get a range of twinges, and my feet can be painful at times but I find I can manage with hot packs and ice packs. However it took a long time to get the doses of DMARDS right for me, and get over the side effects from them, but I count myself very lucky to have responded well to them in the end. So it can happen, but you have to keep asking your docs to try things out. Hope you get there in the end...Polly


@helixhelix, thanks for giving me another perspective. I'm chasing for a Kenalog at the minute because I'm really struggling. I will discuss this with my rheumy at my next appointment.



I take arcoxia 90mg as needed. Generally that usually translate to 2 or 3 times a month. I inject 17.5mg of mtx weekly and enbrel. I do however take most days pain relief - cocods in varying strenght usually between 30 - 90mg a day.

I find arcoxia a very effective anti flam, however it belongs to the group that can potentially cause heart disease, so I take it sparingly and prefer to rely on pain releif instead. When I do take it, I tend to need less pain relief, so it's often a balancing act. But I would not be without it as it is really useful when I flare; then I go up to 120mg if needed!

Hope that helps.

Joanne x


@ Joanne. This is very good information so I will continue to chase the Kenalog because I must be on a flare up. Normally the Kenalog take away the need to take arcoxia everyday which I have to do now. I'm also taking paracetamol throughout the day and codeine at night + amitriptiline. I'm sure that if I were shaken, I would rattle at the minute!!

Linda x


but I think that we would all rattle if shaken that is considering what everyone is taking!!


arcoxia was my one of choice, but now with high BP due to using steroids many times and now!! whilst my consultant continues to be indecisive at my expense!!, with High Bp ARCOXIA should be used sparingly unfortunately for me now!! all nsaids are in issue if Bp IS RAISED .


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