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No Smoking Day
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Help Needed!

Hi Everyone, I am a third year psychology student at Liverpool John Moores University.

For my dissertation I am exploring the different factors of uptake, sustainment and cessation of smoking. To obtain data I have created an online survey, I am looking for non-smokers, current smokers and former smokers 18+ to fill in this questionnaire if they would like to help me.

The data is completely anonymous. at no point are person details (name etc) taken. Furthermore, individuals participating in the survey will be able to exit the webpage at any point during the survey and their data will be deleted straight away. If individuals are wanting to see results of the whole data, when I have finished I am more than happy to post a copy or send people a copy of my dissertation if interested.

The link to the survey is here : ljmupsych.qualtrics.com/SE/...

Thank you so much for your time and help, any responses will be more than encouraged. Stephanie’

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Hi Stephanie....I have done the survey but do not know if you have received..??


Hello!! Thank you so much it's a massive help!! I'm unsure if I've received it as all I see is a set of numbers when individuals complete it, so it remains completely anonymous but I'm sure it's in there! Thank you lots! Stephanie


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