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Needing words of the good and wise

I just knew to day, was not going to be great, but that shop was soooo tempting, walked on the other side of the road, (like that would make a difference lol). Managed to get home, but there's a corner shop less than a minute away, but cave no not that day.

Not easy, sticking to this forum, like plaster on a wall, hoping tomorrow's better.

How's best to manage I just st don't know, it's the hand to mouth thing for me.

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Hiya Tracey, sounds like a rotten day.

How long have you been off them now? Is it getting any easier at all? Is it harder than the previous quit or have you been through it, as bad as this, before? If it's something new maybe you need a new approach?

No words of wisdom I'm afraid but good intentions!


Well done Tracey for avoiding both shops, that is a huge achievement, in another week or so that temptation will be gone and you walk into any shop with your head held high, treat yourself tonight for doing so well and see below I posted from your thread earlier today....



[*] Hey Tracey, as posted a few days ago, my feeling is you are too hard on yourself - you provide great positivity and encouragement to fellow quitters here, you are doing great and it took alot to come back here and share with us that you relapsed.

YOU have to believe in yourself, that is vital for all our quits...strongs Xx





Hi Tracey! I see you've read Alan Carr's easy way! Just remember what he says about crushing that monster. Don't let it control you and take you to the shop, It's cold out! Too cold to stand out with a smoke. Stay cosy and treat yourself! You are doing so well!


Thank you, yes indeed for me at least, I can't remember what the first couple of weeks were in my last quit.

Another day tomorrow, so hoping to just keep going.


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