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I am on day 6 finally and it feels great! I am going to try to do an update every few days, so many of those who are trying to quit can hear my story and hopefully it helps them. So last night was my first night drinking beer since I quit, I was nervous!!!!! I had about 4 beers and realized I did want a cigarette, I refused to give into this temptation! I successfully had all the beer I wanted without having any cigarettes!!!!! IT FELT AMAZING!!!!! What I learned about these cravings is; everyone wants things in their life, I want a million dollars but I won't go rob a bank to get it; I also wake up some days and don't want to attend work, but I still go because that is my responsibility. What I mean is, just because our minds want something doesn't mean its what we NEED....Yes, I want a cigarette but what I truly need is to say no to this addiction and continue my smoke free life, that is really want my body wants!.....

I wish everyone good lucky!!!!!!!! STAY STRONG......

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Well done

and thank you, Good Lucky to you too:) xx


Well done smarg especially having some beers too, another excellent post,good for you!


What a flipping brilliant positive post! Well done you, nearly at your first week smoke free x


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