No Smoking Day
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DMAN! day's 21 and 22 were the PITTS! - but woke up this morning feeling on TOP of the world I think it is because I realized a few things last night and maybe came to peace with them ?

Every time my wife lights up - I keep thinking ONE puff would be amazing.

Every time I have a beer - I think ONE smoke wouldn't t hurt.

Every time things don't go my way - I think I need a smoke to handle this.

Every time I achieve a target or complete a task - I think you deserve a smoke break.

And so it has been going on and off with me, so last night I reach into my pocket for my trusty Zippo to light the Braai (Barbeque) DAMN and for the first time in nearly three decades I didn't have my lighter with me!

That got me to thinking DUDE that lighter was with you through thick and thin - it went to the border (Army National service) with me , it was with me when I got married ,when all three of my kids were born ,with me when my kids graduated, when my eldest got married and sooo that lighter has been by my side.

Then I thought NO the lighter was a crutch and has actually held me back ! I missed my half my dads speech as was having a smoke, umm err I only got to see my fist child born , I missed the other two cause I had gone for a smoke, I have missed concerts - piano recitals, debates, sports events and this list goes on just cause I smoked!

So last night I realized its not just quitting it a total LIFESTYLE change! and I have to stop romancing smoking thoughts!

So today is the first day of the rest of my life without my Zippo.

Umm err anybody want to buy a used zippo ??

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Such a lovely post, brought a smile to my face, indeed, well at least for me, we gain so Much more time , you see I would be our we'd right now having a smoke, but NO NO NO.

Instead I,ll say fantastic,


Gazzabsa....Very Nice post and took me back on memory lane.... Yes...that is where our trouble started with this addiction... We fought a war as children and wanted to be big men because... I am in the army now...and Big boys smoked !!!! Yes almost fourty years ago....I loved the selling of Zippo and reminded me of another good one on WhatsApp ...

Selling My 2015 model rain meter....Almost brand new... Never been used .....!!!

Just show the Irony of the terrible drought we are in....


Gazza love your post!

There will be good days and bad days. In the beginning it's pretty much just bad days, then slowly the light starts shining... Where you are now, there's going to be half / half... Slowly... The good days will be the norm and there's only the odd bad day


I remember going through this same process to lose weight years ago. Only after I changed my lifestyle and adapted to it that I managed to keep the weight off.

Any diet before that, I kept thinking that I was prevented from having a McDonald's.

Nowadays when I go to McDonald's is probably to have an icecream because I'm actually disgusted by the burgers.

Smoking... The same, it is a mind game, no one is preventing you from smoking, you made the decision.

Well done'


Great post Gazza, honest, inspirational, motivational and so positive, you really are winning this battle, well done!

Hopefully your wife will follow in your footsteps to quit. Obviously it has to be 100% her decision and it is important that you let her make that decision herself, my hubby quit almost 2 years ago, I was still smoking for a year and a half of his quit and don't know how he stuck it out but he never once asked me to quit, it was all my decision, so fingers crossed that wife may do the same!


Inspirational, such an honest account of how much we have all missed! Welcome to 1 month btw!!


Hi all,

Thanks for the replies :) proud to say still SMOKE free - In two day's its the start of month 2, I still find it hard to believe that I made it this far - in the first week of my quit when I was reading and I saw people struggling even after MONTHS of being quit, I thought there is NO way I can do this! but here I am nearly a WHOLE month quit - I would be lying if I said smoking is a thing of the past cause its NOT I still have the proverbial I need a smoke moments through out the day, they have just become more manageable.


Good to read gazza. Your enthusiasm is infectious!


Well done Gazza, you really are doing great and such a positive person to have around here, thank you!


Three more sleeps and its month two for me! , feeling GREAT - had a little bad news tho - but yea, I will deal with it and not let it interfere with my quit :)

I trust everyone has had a wonderful week and will have an even BETTER weekend lots of FAMILY, FUN , SUN and SWIMMING!


Always a pleasure to read your posts! Well done!


Well done Gazza, can't believe how quickly time is passing by....


well done!!

yes, 31st Jan already; month just flew past hasnt it and mostly a no smoking month at that!!!


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