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Adios to nicotine and tetrahydrocannabinol(Weed)...For the last time!

Hi all,

I'm one of those people you would call a 'serial quitter'.I have been smoking cigarettes for the last 14 years and the last 6 of it included marijuana.I have been trying to quit smoking for the last couple of years and have been smoke-free for 4 months at best after which i succumbed to smoking in a social setting.I smoked a joint which had tobacco in it, to be precise.This happened last year after which I could not go smoke-free for more than a week.I've been trying to quit again and again no matter how many times i failed and realized today that i've been stuck in a loop like 'Groundhog day' and 'the edge of tomorrow'.So, I decided to escape from this prison and stop smoking both of these substances altogether.

To make my long story short, At 11pm(IST) today, I smoked my last cigarette just after finishing my last joint.I threw away all of my stash and smoking paraphernalia.I then took a long hot bath, brushed my teeth and have been enjoying my fresh breath since.

'I dearly want to escape from this insidious prison!' as Mr.Carr would put it.

This is the first time I'm posting in any forum.I wanted to make myself responsible and try something new this time.I would appreciate any help anyone can offer for me to keep my head in the game and not give into lighting up.

Thanks a ton in advance.


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Hi D3EP, Twice the willpower needed but you seem ready to do it. Good luck to you, hope it goes well.


Welcome D3EP, congratulations on Day 1 of your quit, the key to success is 100% focus, determination, being positive and knowledge on what is happening both physically and mentally when we quit, Perhaps do some research on quitting both smokes and weed as there may be some additional withdrawals with the weed along with the smokes. Read up on posts here and stay close and post as often as you need to. Wishing you success and look forward to reading your progress....:)


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