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Day 9 - Does your personality change when you give up smoking?

What I mean is .....cigarettes always chilled me out....If ever I got stressed or angry I'd just have a cigarette and return to my horizontal ' what problem, there's no problem?' attitude. I just wondered if anyone has noticed a change in their personality once they have given up smoking for some time? Does smoking deaden everything? (a bit like Prozac in stick form)

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I get what you mean, because it was one of my worries too when I was in the early days of my quit. But no - I don't think it's changed me like that. I think that at first it feels like certain situations are harder to deal with without smoking, but you soon work out that it really makes no difference. And once you realise that those stressful or irritating times pass anyway, with or without smoking, it's another boost to your no-smoking - 'see, if I can get through x without a cigarette, then I really am winning!'.

As ever, I'm not sure if I'm making sense...hope so!

Keep it up!

Hey dulavinsky,no I don't think it does, we learn how to adapt to life not smoking, this feeling is perfectly normal at this stage of your quit and you will feel different as you progress in your quit, when you get over the next few days, embrace your quit with open arms and not a loss quitting...

You're not alone. I've been flying off the handle for the most trivial of things. I either seem to be elated or irritated or angry, not so much today but I've been like that all last week. And I only started smoking again for about ten days, after being off them for nearly 3 months!

Honestly, it does get easier otherwise I wouldn't be doing this. You should start to feel more normal again over the next few weeks.

There are lots of people on this forum that have experienced what you're going through and I'm sure you'll get some good advice.

Dulavinsky.... Wellllllllll ..... my family and friends and dog thought that I became a demon up to month 2 and then settled and became my own self again.....Surely there is a huge change in our daily routine without the cigarette because all that time needed to smoke a cigarette is there to use for doing something else....I enjoyed the more time and started projects that was planned way back... !!!

Stay strong and yes everything returns to normal....(Almost) ....!!

It definitely settles down. I gave up for 12 months 2 years ago and after 2-3 months you forget about the anger. If anything I would say ultimately you become calmer as the nicotine causes anxiety.

I don't think it changes your personality but leaves you exposed dealing with feelings and emotions without the crutch.

Where before if I was really mad at something, I would just go out for a fag, now I just to deal with it without the cigarettes.

In a first phase, this was definitely a big challenge for me, scary even! I actually thought I was losing the plot with so much aggressivity and anger.

Slowly, after a lot of research and a lot of breathing exercises I finally learned to deal with the situation without having to smoke.

I'm now past 4 months and I hardly have any anger anymore.

I'm back to exactly what I was before stopping.

What do you mean "give up" smoking? Doesn't that imply that you are making a sacrifice? There is nothing to give up. Only positive gains will be made.

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