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2 years today


This time last year 4 of us strolled through the doors of the penthouse together, to say it was an amazing achievement for all of us is an understatement but if you're reading this post you'll probably understand exactly what I mean.

I spent Dec 30th staying in the house of two smokers, I was not tempted to join in with them in the least. In fact I found the smoke mixed in with the central heating a bit nauseating if I'm honest. Trying my best not to become a holier than thou ex smoker but it is hard to listen to people you love coughing their guts up in the morning, knowing how wonderful the freedom of not smoking really is. I say nothing though as I know it has to be their decision.

Anyway, if you have decided to quit today or are considering it for Monday maybe, jump in, take the plunge, the water is lovely!

It is the best thing you will ever do for yourself and your family. Not because you'll be healthier or wealthier (though you will) but you'll no longer be dictated to by a plant. Your slavery will end, you'll stop hating yourself every time you have to go outside and re enter a room stinking of stale smoke or countless other soul destroying moments that smoking causes all because you are an addict to a weed.

2 years on, the grass is definitely greener on the otherside.

Happy New Year and good luck to you all.

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Well said Sued! Agree with every word.


Congratulations Sued!

Did you actually stop smoking on the 1st January?! Ahahah, good one! You're the first I hear that actually follows through the new year's resolution :) Well done!

Yeah Mmaya, I really did, though to be honest it wasn't the first time that I'd tried to quit on New Years Day. Saying that, I'd probably tried to quit previously on every single date at one time or another.

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Practice makes perfect.... That's my motto lol

I was only messing with you!... I call myself serial quitter for a reason.

I'm still astonished that I've actually made it this far... In all my previous attempt, I'd be defeated by week 7.

You are great motivation for me, so thank you for posting.

I failed so many times before that at some stage I didn't believe I was ever going to do it....everytime you post, there will be someone out there...just like us serial quitters.... Reading it, and hopefully it will help them see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Happy new year :)


Ah huge congratulations Sued, great post and well thought out and written! Happy New Year!

Hi not been on for a while but very well done, I'm on 2 years tomorrow. Will work out how to post a new tread tomorrow

HercuValued Contributor

Sued... I want to say you are a family member who passed on and return to us confirming that heaven really is what we believed....!

Thank you so much Sued and surely every day there is a rediscovery of something that was there but hidden behind the false euphoria nicotine used to give us.....

Thanks again......

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