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New Year Quitters

New Year. What an awful time to try to quit smoking:eek: I should know, I've been there often enough... well intentioned promises to myself throughout December that New Year was the 'big one', and that was fine because it was some point in the future, not actually right now, and so it could wait... then it was 31st December, and so I did a deal with myself that my actual stopping day was 1st Jan so I didn't have to quit until tomorrow, and then the 1st Jan rolled around and... oh dear, I'd smoked [again] this year so I'd blown it - but never mind, there was always next year.

And so on it went, year after year, excuse after excuse after excuse.

If you want to quit, and are full of good intentions this New Year, then face the reality. Quitting smoking does not happen by itself. Quitting smoking is not down to luck. There is nothing special about 1st Jan (other than being a great excuse to stall the 'dreaded' day). If you're really serious about quitting then the real key is to understand what you're facing. Understand your addiction, recognise that smoking is not the solution to the stresses in your life but the cause of them. Don't quit for anyone else but yourself - because this is the very best thing you could do for yourself. Do it for you, and you'll find all your relationships with those you love magically improve as you start to love yourself rather than despise yourself.

If New Year is your quit day then I wish you success - but not luck, as luck doesn't have anything to do with it. Grasp your quit, and treasure it as the most important thing in your life - your most valuable possession which no-one can steal away from you, but only you can throw away. Success is completely in your own hands, so grasp it - ask any long term quitter on this forum, and they will tell you it is the very best, most life-changing thing you can do for yourself.

Happy New Year;)

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Excellent, honest and heartfelt post, can't disagree with anything! Thank you and Happy New Year!


Happy New Year x

And to you Karri - I hope you're feeling on top of the world right now as you celebrate your New Year smoke-free for the first time in - er - how long??? That's for you to know, but very well done you!!! I know your fight has been a long one, but I hope you can finally say it was all worth it, and you are now happy in your new skin;)

PS Happy New Year to you too rowens08!


Well stated Egg. And best wishes to everyone throughout 2016.


Every word so true Egg and nobody knows that more than me because it's taken me 30+ years to realize it.

Happy New Year to you :)


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