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No Smoking Day
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Day 7 after 10 years

Goodmorning everyone i liked this forum so signed up, im a 27 yo man , ive been smoking since i was 16-17 and this is Day 7 of my quitting journey, feeling great, and its been mercifully easy probably because im focusing on all the benefits and i dont feel like im depriving myself, rather im giving myself the gift of life, good luck to everyone

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Benefits so far, i am enjoying breathing again,better sleep,my bones are no longer cracking , much easier to do intense workout, foodd tastes great, my family is happy about it, im proud and feeling in control, much better digestion, stomach cramps gone, my face already looking more fresh,saving money,much easier to get up in the morning,music seems to sound better,probably because of the clean oxygen,i could go on!


Well Done Fakir88, keep up the positive attitude!


Than you, rowen i surely will, ive had a bit insomnia but its getting better and im getting atleast 5-6 hours so its cool, also as a man its great to see my muscles gr


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