No Smoking Day
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1 year and counting

I don't come here as often as I would like to. On Saturday, I danced my way into the Penthouse!!!!!

I even spent an hour in a car on Friday with someone who smoked all the way home. The smell turned my stomach which helped me to survive it. The Nicodemon tried to trip me at the last hurdle, but I managed to get over him.

The past year has been amazing, if not challenging (and at times just downright hard).

My breathing improved, although for the last month I've had a cold which is knocking me for six.

I no longer have to hide from my kids.

I no longer have to sneak away at work.

I no longer have to stand out in winter, trying to keep warm/dry while having a puff.

And that is only a few of the points. After over 20 years, I felt I would never go this long, now I've proven myself wrong which motivates me to keep going, next stop, 2 years!!

Watch this space...

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Huge congratulations Keith on reaching your penthouse milestone, huge achievement - thank you for posting and sharing!


Yay! Go you!


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