No Smoking Day
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Week 7 !

Good morning!

Another week without cigarettes. I'm losing count of the exact number of days , thats a good thing :).

My app told me i reached the 1000hour milestone last saturday.. awesome!

It's been a relatively good week, ofcource there are still some difficult moments but it's getting easier to deal with.

I had a party where i spend atleast 2 hours outside with the smokers because the people who enjoy a beer and a talk are smokers vs the dancers which are mostly non-smokers, and i'm the first one ;) That was difficult but also i started to get disgusted by the smell of smoke. But it's so hypocritical to start complaining about that so i just had to leave early.

Happy holidays everyone!

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Well done Brien, you are doing great! Happy Christmas!


Thank you rowens, happy christmas to you too!


Well done Brien, fantastic archivement! It should really get much easier from now on...


Thanks mmaya. I'm really hoping so.


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