No Smoking Day
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day 24

So day 24. I am seeing imrovements in my life but i keep looking at people smoking and thinking...hmmmm yes i could do with one of those. Im sure though if i did have one i would think oh i didnt need one those...but now i do. DOH! so i just go back to doing what i was doing feeling abit melancholy.

oh well. i think i might return to my pjarmas soon lol just call it a day.

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No reason to go back. Onward and upward.


Hey Nikki, you are doing great, keep going!


Nikki...this arguing stage is terrifying...!! this is where you starts to argue that there is no gain to quit but only pain.... and we all know, no pain, no gain. This is were you must attack and not defend...... Be strong and pledge NOPE...!


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