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Hello again

Hi everyone, so I'm back, quit smoking for 6 weeks earlier this year as was going to Florida so wanted to be a non smoker!!! However I got bored of fighting the urges, bored of trying to stay quit, so I started on & off leading up to my holiday.

On holiday I smoked a few a day my in-laws were with us it was like being a parent to my 2 then another 2 kids lol. Anyway 3 weeks ago decided enough was enough, have found the 4mg gum best this time, am on roughly 2 bits a day & really don't feel like smoking, have also felt a lot calmer this time too x

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Hey jess, so good to see you back :) your story... My story...the same old story!

I also end up relapsing and in August got very very sick, came back to the forum and had my last on the 14th Sept at 7pm.

If I can do it, anyone can do it! Stay strong xxx I'm very happy to see you around :) good luck!


Hi jess :) sending all the positive vibes - you can do this!


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