Day 22

Good morning Day 22! I am feeling great and very confident about my quit! I hope that now that I passed Day 21 my odds of success have increased. I started working out again and am now counting days of exercise too! I am on the 5 consecutive day of exercise. I used to work out 6-7 days per week but this last summer my son was in the hospital and I lost my Dad so I got out of the routing and in a bit of a rut. Not anymore!

4 Replies

  • Tko...Well done and lovely positive attitude... Stay strong.....

  • Hey tko, sorry about the loss of your Dad and your sons ill health. You are doing great and 22 days is fantastic, keep it up!

  • Well done on the positive attitude keep going! I have started my walking about to keep up the positive attitude. Its good to do the things that makes us happy rather than just counting non smoking days lol xx

  • Well done! Very good idea to start exercising again. Good luck!!

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