No Smoking Day
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Week 4 - Day 23

A big thanks to mmaya, hercu, karri and evieB for there support at my last post!

Yay, made the 3 weeks without smoking! Very happy about it.

I haven't had really bad cravings, only a couple of times when i had to wait an hour for the train or when i was really bored.

It was a really good week, i just did everything i would usually do, but without the cigarettes.

I even went to a party where everyone was smoking inside the house but i just really had no intention whatsoever to smoke and

2 more of my friends decided to quit smoking which is a very good thing.

I do notice that there are a lot of times when i think about cigarettes, but for some reason i'm feeling the same disgust for them as i had a couple of months for my ex-girlfriends ;).

So everything is going very well, there are just a couple of things which arent very nice like gaining weight and some nights where i don't sleep quite well.

Next saturday night i hit the 1 month milestone. So hopefully until (a happy) next week

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Well done Brien on being smoke free for 3 weeks, that is just great that your quit is inspiring your friends to do the same. You are doing so well and have a great positive attitude! Keep going!


Great to read your update brien, well done.

Yeah, I also need to start addressing the weight thing, I've put on 2.5 kg, not a huge amount but still, I don't want it to start piling up.

Like karri there isn't a chance in the world I am going to even think about that before Christmas, I'll deal with that later.

It's great to see you're going strong. When I stopped I tried to get a few of the guys in the office to stop with me but they didn't, within the few weeks ahead they started joining me, there's 4 of us going at the moment, they are being me but still it's great to have some company.

Stay strong and will start 2016 as non smokers together.


Brien ... 3 weeks is excellent and well done.... so nice to have good friends who joined you in the quit. I have also got a friend and just this morning phoned me and thanked me to for helping him to quit...Stay strong...!


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