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Day 4


Hi everybody :-)

Hope you are all coping well with your Quits.

I'm now on Day 4 and hoping things will get easier. I think my symptoms have calmed down a bit. Still got a sore throat, but only half as bad as yesterday. Still got a headache, but tolerable.

Still thinking about smoking and it's put me a bit off mood. But you guys have all been a tremendous help. I'm sure I would have started on the 'just one' journey if it wasn't for all you words of encouragement. I feel that I can't let you down now.

A big thanks to you all.

Will post a progress update later on today.

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Hey Shamus, your very welcome, we are all on this roller coaster of a ride together! You have a great positive attitude and it will do wonders for your quit, keep it up, you are doing great!


I cannot agree more with Rowens, it's a hell of a ride and we have all gone through the same, step by step.

Your mindset and attitude will dictate the final outcome.

Think....if you broke both legs, wouldn't you love to go out and run, do the Christmas shopping, go out for a walk?! would! But you won't because you are recovering...

The same here, you are now recovering... It will get better day by day...slowly, you can't rush it, you have to continue ticking the days and one day you'll notice you forgot to tick the day and eventually you'll forgot what week you're in... One day you'll have forgotten how many months has it been...

I'm hoping the cigarettes will be a memory one day, stay strong, remember: failure is not an option!

Almost slipped up at the first hurdle....

Was driving passed my Tesco Express where I used to get my 10 pack of Malboro Methols (difficult to find in 10s lol...).

Parked up. Then realised what I was doing. Oh my god, i was on auto-pilot.

Quickly came to my senses and made a hasty retreat.

Back home safe and sound now :-)


Well done Shamus, it is normal, had to re-think too at my early stage, the shop assistant actually had the smokes out for me on the counter the first day of my quit! But it felt so good to say I quit! Embrace it!


I still put my coat on at 4 pm to go for a fag every so often....and realise 2 seconds later that I don't smoke anymore. Thankfully it's not happening too often now which is great but it used to happen nearly every day.

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