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Starting Tomorrow - wish me luck :-)



Here's a bit of background:

I started smoking when I was 40 (yes, that was my first cigarette!). I was going through a rough patch, and jokingly took a cigarette from a friend. I had no idea how to smoke, and somehow coughed and spluttered my way through it. And then I had another one. And a bit later, another one.

Within a few weeks I was a smoker. Albeit only a maximum of 10 a day. I was (and still am) under the illusion that the smoking was de-stressing me. Somehow it was making my life better, more enjoyable, less stressful :-) Yes, now I know that it's all about the nicotine addiction (and the habit).

So let's fast forward. I'm 50 years old now. It's that age when you start to worry about your health. You hear of friends and family having strokes and heart attacks at the same age. The pressures of life are mounting and you want to be around to look after your loved ones. You are tired of being unhealthy. You are are tired of doing what you know is hurting you. You are tired of being tired.

In the last 10 years i've had these same sentiments many times. And i've quit many times. Once for 3 years! I would estimate my total smoking years (age 40-50) was about 5 years, including all the 'quits'.

The thing that bugs me (about myself) is my weakness. Every time i'm faced with a major pressure in life (business, relationships, finances, family illness etc), I go and buy a 10 pack of cigs. I keep 2 and throw the rest away. Next time I buy a pack, i keep 5 and throw the rest. By the end of the week, i think I might as well keep the whole pack. And i'm back to being a smoker again.

This time i'm determined. I've read the Allen Carr book. I've viewed all the WhyQuit videos. And i've been reading these forums every day. You guys really are an inspiration!! Hope I can soon join you on your success stories. Hope I can quit, not for 1 month, 1 year or 3 years.... but forever..

I suppose I need to take it a day at a time. In fact this time I feel that i'll be dealing with it an hour at a time. It seems to have taken more of a hold on me recently.

Anyway, I'm starting my quit tomorrow. I'll be posting my journey on the Day1, Day2 etc sections.

Wish me luck... and thanks for inspiring me to quit once and for all :-)


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Hi Shamus and welcome. You've come to the right place for sure!

I'm now on day 27 of my quit and have done each day with the help of this lovely group of people.

Like you I have done the quit many times, once for ten years and in the past year countless times. I too believed it was a stress reliever and relied on my cigarettes heavily.

I think my problem was that I really enjoyed smoking and didn't truly want to stop but I knew for the sake of my health I had to. So I was a reluctant quitter and quite honestly I didn't expect to last this long or to change my mind. In fact if you look back at my posts you'll see that I found many excuses NOT to give up.

But chatting with everyone here on a daily basis I began to see things differently. It's not easy but I feel so proud of myself having almost achieved one month and now I just want to carry on with this and never feel the need to light up ever again. I know that day will come too.

I hope I have given you as much encouragement as I received on my first day here.

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Becky, party on Saturday yupppiiiii!!!! I love parties :)


Hi Shamus, welcome to the forum.

I'm on week 11, I really struggled today but I'm still here to tell the story.

I think you will be fine, you have a long term addition but not a lifetime addiction...don't get me wrong, it will be hard regardless, but there's a very good chance you'll be fine because you are doing it for the right reasons.

Stay close to the forum and post before you smoke, good luck!!!


Hey Shamus and welcome to the forum, well done on making the best decision of your life and good luck with this being "Your Last Quit", we will all be here and rooting for you, read up on posts here for the early stages of quitting if you have not already done so to prepare yourself what to expect.

I am heading into Week 11 tomorrow and doing good, but have to keep your wits about you and be ready to attack at all times! I look forward to reading your daily updates, good luck again!

Wow... thanks so much for all your support :-)

I've never used a forum like this before. It's a real eye opener for me to receive so much support. I thank you all.

Tomorrow i'm driving to London and back. Almost 200 miles each way from Bradford. I usually stop at the services at Sheffield and Northampton to stretch my legs... err have a smoke lol...

It's going to be a challenge to just drive on passed those Service stations. I guess that will be my first real test. Maybe i'll stop for a Latte instead. What do you reckon? Should I just avoid the stops altogether?

I'll post in Day1 on my return to let you all know if I made it there and back, smoke free :-)

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Shamus.... Congrats on your decision to quit for good and welcome to this wonderful forum..

Starting this horrible addiction so late in your live and then already quitted a few times is amazing to see and I believe you are ready to quit for good.

Yes... getting into the 50's is not for sissies and we need to look after ourselves.

There is no way around this quit thing but the only way is through....Meaning that I am not saying walk blind eye into a trigger situations but some or other time we need to face them.

I approached it different for instance it is recommended to throw away all cigarettes and lighters etc....My last half smoked 20 pack is still on top of my fridge with the lighter for 5 months now....I needed that to attack the urge and strengthen my will not to smoke....But it is different for all of us.You must do what is working for you !!!

Keep strong and post frequently !!!


Hi my answer is probably late as you've probably passed those spots already, I hope you did well.

There's always the half full half empty bottle debate in a forum and different people all the time therefore different life experiences and different opinions.

I can share mine.

My partner is a heavy smoker and buys the cigarettes by the month. At any given day I can go to the kitchen drawer and get a cigarette.

Pros and cons: it was very hard to deal with at first because I really wanted a cigarette and really thought I needed a cigarette and at those times, they were there smiling at me....makes it very hard to resist.

I worked on that though, if I had a private bar in the basement with all sort of drinks available, it's highly unlikely that I would even open a bottle because I don't drink.

I would smoke because I'm a smoke addict....and that's what I am trying to overcome. Therefore on the long run it makes easy to have them around all the time because you'll have to reinforce your vows to refuse to give in every single minute of the the same time, positive re-enforcement does work....

Thanks for all your support :-)

I'm setting off for London in an hour or so... i'm thinking about getting one of those £5.99 e-cig things for the journey. Is this cheating? Or will it help? I'm not sure what to do...

It's a shame my Quit date has coincided with a long motorway journey, where my 'mind' expects me to stop and smoke every few hours.

Hello everybody!

I'm back from London, and happy to say my Quit is intact :-)

I did buy an eCig and stopped at Tibshelf Services as I usually do. Took one puff on that eCig and thought, hey this is silly. I need to break these crazy habits. Anyway, drove on, and drove back. Did not use the eCig again. Just drank plenty of water. Had a couple of stops for a Latte.

Yes, I could have done with a smoke, but it was not an option.

Roll on Day2 .... thanks for all your support .... i'll be posting tomorrow.

ps - Karri ... i did almost 'start tomorrow' lol... it crossed my mind about 100 times :-)


Ah Shamus, huge well done to you, was a tough Day 1 and you got through it, great to see such a positive attitude, keep it up, it will do wonders for your quit!

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