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Day 10 ---- The mind of an addict

My main motivation for quitting the cigs is money ...... I seriously cannot justify spending £400 per month on fags!!!!!!

My mindset today ......

I have managed to keep my bank account in the black for the past 6 months (no idea how I managed that!) ..... and now I decide to quit I am 3 days away from payday and in the bl**dy red ....... so what's the point?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you have one of OH's cigs then you've not actually spent any money!

Getting to day 10 was painless ..... so starting again tomorrow will also be painless ..... won't it?

Oh hell this is hard!

breathe ..... Breathe ...... BREATHE!!!!!!

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Right now, if I'm honest, then if I won a million .... Yes, I probably would go back to smoking .... Sad but true. However, since I don't play the lottery and I don't gamble then I am unlikely to ever have a million!

Right now I'm just happy that I managed to ignore the cravings and will be heading off to bed still smoke free!


Nixxy....I feel with you and to quit smoking really is not easy..... Again I want to say 72 hours after your last cigarette all the nicotine is out of your system. BUT..... our brains are rewired to such an extend that we argue any reason to smoke again....I felt that I had much more energy whilst smoking which was in fact a false euphoria.... .

Read about serotine and dopamine two very important chemicals in our brains that was F*******d up by nicotine.(Sorry but that is reality)

The money thing,,,,,serious reason to quit...on the exchange rate that is an above average salary in my country....

Well done on not smoking......Stay strong !!!


I have found this and definitely a known fact:

"Nicotine is powerful stuff. It crosses the blood-brain barrier and messes with your dopamine pathways. After years of smoking, those pathways get altered. In other words, smoking physically changes your brain.

Can those dopamine pathways heal? Probably"


Jut remember every single pro smoking thought is a lie by your addiction to make you a slave again, thats how i see it,smoking is never the answer


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