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My daughter is studying the whole smoking topic at school. She has been asked to give reasons why people quit. I thought she would get extra marks if she asks for reasons from currently quitting smokers on...say...a stop smoking forum, and then submits them in her homework.

This is (conveniently) a stop smoking forum so I'm inviting everybody to put down their three main reasons for quitting. After a week I'll gather them all in and compile a "chart" in a scientific manner. I hope a few of you join in or I'm going to look like a complete plank.

I'll start:

My three main reasons for quitting are:

1 Money

2 Health

3 Not stinking of smoke

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  • I will keep this short and sweet like myself Nozmo:




  • There's a clear pattern there rowens!

  • Health

    Self esteem


  • Health


    The feeling of control that I decide what I do, not some urge

  • 1. Money

    2. Not stinking like an ashtray

    3. Money

  • Thank you everybody. Looking like a head to head between health and money at the minute. Need more responses.

    This is supposed to be my daughter's homework but I'm actually starting to compile a chart to show the results...shows you what a complete saddo I am!!

  • Oh Nozmo, don't ever think that because you are not, far from it! This will be great motivation for you that you won't realize, keep this in mind forever in your quit what you are doing for your daughter....

  • 1 Common sense because why on earth would anybody want to smoke? What actually are cigarettes, what's in them and what do they do?

    2 Health of the smoker and the health of those around him/her.

    3 People quit because they all eventually come to their senses. Smoking is bad and very dangerous for everyone and everything.

    I hope your daughter's smoking project goes well Nozmo and I hope it puts her off smoking for ever.:)

  • Thanks Linda. I think my smoking has put her off smoking for ever...and I'm glad!

    We might have to condense your reasons a bit so they fit on the graph :-)

  • My reasons:



    Tired of belonging to the unpopular, disliked, unloved, minority smoking group.

    Guilty feelings for belonging to above group.

  • Thanks Becky and Karri. It's all coming together!

    Talking of smelling like an ashtray...I went shopping yesterday afternoon and REALLY noticed the smell from passing smokers. It didn't even used to register when I smoked.

  • Not sure I explained 2 very well. Good luck to your daughter.

    1 health

    2 self-esteem/wanting control back/leper ostracism

    3 money

  • 1) Health

    2) (Happiness) Make my own happiness

    3) (Confidence) Take control of my life

    (And so many more)

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