My reason to quit

Why I decided to quit? My began with baby steps about one year ago. I first quit working at work. But I made up for that at home puffing away chain smoking in the garage. Do that was kinda a wash / but prepared my mind to not smoke at work and manage the stress without smoking. Then I stopped smoking in my truck. Which I believe was the hardest habit to break. But I did, had my 100 cig burns repaired - truck doesn't stink anymore!! My last mind trick was to just leave smokes at home. No more power smoking outside the store or smoke walking through the parking lots. So on 10/23/2015 my last smoke day. So back to the topic on why I quit. It wasn't because I didn't want to die a wrinkled prune attached to an oxygen tank, or for my wife, kids, or a thousand other things like insurance - 5 bucks a pack . The main reason I just really got tired of smoking. Everything was planned around smoking - when can I smoke? And when I'm smoking when can I smoke again - how many do I have left - and it just on and on - so I said

I'm just gonna quit - period - it's been hard it's been easy - on day 58 - I just had a craving right now - not gonna let it win - breath deep and it'll go away - !! I'm determined to win !!

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  • Any strategy that works, is a good one. Cheers,

  • If you are determined to win, I have no doubt you will in fact WIN!!! That's all it takes, patience, preserverance and determination ;) stay strong and never doubt yourself, you've won already.

  • Well done SteveD on Day 58, you seem to have this nailed, keep up that attitude and you will be grand in your quit....

  • SteveD ...Welcome and thank you for taking me back on memory lane especially that habit whilst driving.....Traveling through different country's and border posts I used to light one just before entering the customs office because that is quit a time consuming action. I am still reaching for my top pocket when I see the border is 5 km ahead.

    Your decision to quit correspond with what we all silently felt and just got fed up smoking..but needed a shocker to go into action and actually quit.

    Good for you and stay strong !!!

  • I can definitely relate to that SteveD. Planning my life around cigarettes. Always having to ensure that I had enough to last the day, planning where and when I could have one, making sure that the certain people didn't know I smoked, spraying and sucking mints to get rid of the smell so a customer wouldn't be put off. I don't miss all that!

  • ...I first quit working at work....

    I did that too years ago. No-one seems to have noticed yet:D:D

  • I quite once and then started again, but didn't want my colleagues to know I'd started again, so I didn't have any during work time either. By the time I got into my car I'd puff away about five in a row. It doesn't seem to work, cutting down, as you just make up for it. Well done on getting this far.

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