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1 year yesterday

8pm last night I made it to 365 days and partied on in the Penthouse.

Not been without its ups and downs, but if I can do it anyone can.

Started here back in 2012 where a 4 months quit turned to a fail, took me 2 half years to get going again, but I'm glad i did.

Day at a time, NOPE, and education on why we let the evil monster dictate to us helped me, and the time does fly by once you get going.

Best of luck to you all

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Congratulations Andrew. It's great to hear a success story like yours and it gives so much hope to those of us who are following in your footsteps.

Very well done to you and I just wish I was as far down the road as you are.

All the ups and down were worth it and you really deserve your success.


Congratulations Andrew. I knew it was around this time

I'm very happy for you and thank you very much for helping me on my early


A huge congratulations to you , fantastic , amazing, I so hope a great treat was in order


Congratulations and what an inspiration to someone who is just in her second week but very keen to reach the one year mark!


Huge congratulations Andrew, what an achievement, Well done!:)


Well done fella, it's a great feeling to be cured of the weed !


AndrewG, Congratulations. I always appreciate when quitters return to give us updates on their progress and share their stories. The penthouse is a well deserved reward for you, enjoy the view and the clean air up there. I'm still looking up in envy of all those that have made it to where you are and although it's been a year for you now I believe you/we can never, ever let our guards down. Continue to be strong and enjoy life smoke free. Hopefully see you again next year around this time with your 2 year update. :)


Andrew... Very inspiring to see that it is possible to achieve 1 year and beyond...Thank you for returning to us...


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