Day 3 for me too!!

Well.. first of all hello all! I am Maria.. It's the second time i try to quit.. First one, was 3 years ago and it lasted for 2 months.. This time, i have been completely smoke free for 3 days.. It is not so hard but i need something sweet to balance my headaches that start to grow as the cessation settles in.. I have tested myself also with alcohol and although i am thinking about smoking almost all the time... I don't.. Heading for 4th day! So proud!

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  • Hello and welcome Maria,

    Well done on 3 days done. Nicotine should be out by now...hang in there, it will get easier from now on.

  • Hello Maria. You've got good reason to feel proud of yourself! Keep posting and keep up the quit!

  • Welcome Maria, and well done on Day 3, stay close to here...

  • Good morning Maria, ready for day 4? Stay strong!!!

  • Hello Maria and Welcome to this world of madness that we all call quitting.

    You've managed the first 3 days well by the sound of it so I hope Day 4 will be a good one for you. You're on the road to freedom now so just believe in yourself and keep remembering that what you are doing now is probably one of the most worthwhile things you'll ever do in your life. :)

  • Maria... Welcome to our world and this amazing quitting thing....You will cherish the date four days ago as the day you have made the best decision in your life.. Congratulations and well done !!

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