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Eating the whole house

Hi everyone. I'm on day 21 and have just realised how many times I've been back to the shops for more food. I just can't stop lol. Them belvita breakfast bars (soft ones) are doing it for me at the moment.

I've struggled to put weight on all my life, so I'm happy that I have an appetite at long last.

I realise I am stuffing something or other In my face every 2 hours at least. 🍟🌭🍕🍧🌮🌶. Is this normal??? (I do like feeling full though) 😀

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Great! that way you'll feel better, look better and still not smoking LOL

I've been stuffing my face since last week, Jaysus! I'm not worried with the weight, I know what to do to get rid of it later.

Well done! Day 21 is a huge achievement! Very proud of you! Keep strong.


Eat whatever, but once you feel you overcome the urge to smoke sufficiently start to scale back the calorie intake and/or choose healthier snacks or else you'll be looking for another forum to deal with weight gain. Life, it's all about balance they say. Keep up the good fight, stay strong, you seem to be getting some traction and don't let the previous short term quits prevent you from continuing to quit.


Totally normal to eat loads when quitting. Not many people are happy about it though! Good for you!


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